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  • The difference between oily ink and water-based ink

      The traditional oily ink solvent mainly benzene, xylene and other aromatic hydrocarbons and alcohols, ketones such as butanone and acetic ester solvents such as organic solvent or dispersant, and adding stabilizer, which has great harm to human body is aromatic hydrocarbon, as well as those of heavy metal pigments, such as lead and chromium; the water-based ink is based on water as a new type of printing ink dispersant, it greatly reduces the use of organic solvents and thus solves the harm of printing and reading process on the human body, but also greatly reduces the pollution to the surrounding environment and destruction, to ensure the sustainable development of ecological environment.

  • The influencing factors of water-based ink flexo product col

    Factors influencing the water-based ink flexo product color saturation of flexible printing has the advantages of bright colors, color rich, are widely used in the field of packaging and printing

  • Water-based ink dispersion effect on the gloss

    Gloss printing quality refers to the printing quality in a certain background and lighting conditions, print on the surface brightness and and upward contrast of brightness distribution relationship between the parties.

  • Water-based ink printing field distribution

    Look from the way of printing, water-based ink for offset printing is not applicable at present, its main application fields are flexible printing and gravure printing.

  • Several factors affecting the effect of water-based ink printing

    Water-based ink in water as a kind of environmental printing ink solvent, compared with solvent ink, greatly reduce the organic volatiles (voc) row to put, optimize the operating environment of the printing shop



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