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  • GS-01 Water-based ink for food flexible packaging (Reverse Printing, with or without lamination)

    Suitable application

    1. Materials: OPP, PET, NY composite packaging (OPP/PE, OPP/CPP, OPP/VMCPP, OPP/VMPETPET/PE, NY/PE and etc.)

    2. Application: Food Flexible Packaging, Napkins Paper Packaging, Toilet Paper Packaging and other lamination printing packaging.

  • GS-02 Water-based ink for plastic surface printing(Gravure printing ink  & Flexographic printing ink)

    Suitable application

    1. Materials: HDPE, LDPE, OPP, PO, PO and almost any plastic films which uses surface printing

    Example of Popular product: Vest bags, roll bags, shopping bags, courier bags, PE electronic products bags, biodegradable bags and many more

  • GS-03 Water-based ink for soft PVC printing

    Suitable application

    1.Material:soft PVC, PVC films ect.

    2.Application: PVC wood grain paper, PVC inflatable products, PVC raincoat, PVC table cloth, PVC floor leather ect. printing. 

  • GS-04 Water-based ink for PVC heat shrinkable films printing

    Suitable application

    1.Material: PVC heat shrinkable films ect.

    2.Application: PVC heat shrinkable films and labeling of bottle ect. printing. 

  • GS-05 Water-based ink for PET substrates printing

    Suitable application

    1.Material: PET.

    2.Application: PET shower curtain material, raincoat, umbrella, suit cover, wardrobes and many more

  • GS-06 Water-based ink for sanitary packaging material printing

    Suitable application

    1.Material: Cast films, Breathable Films, Perforated Films and many

    2.Application: Baby Diapers, Urine Pad, Urine wet Indicator, Hygiene Napkins, Sanitary packaging material printing and many more.

  • GS-07

    1.Base material: PC sheet, PVC film, PET film, PU film, PA film and other materials. 

    2.Usage: printing of helmet, gift box, suitcase, clothing, etc.

  • GS-08“Spring

    Base material: steel plate, iron plate, galvanized plate, alloy plate, etc.

    purpose:Mechanical spraying 

    Construction steel spraying 

    Furniture metalwork painting.

  • GS-09

    1. Substrate: PVC film, PP film, PET film.

    2. Application: a. surface treatment of furniture panel.

                            b. Surface treatment of decorative materials.

                            c. Surface treatment of food packaging film.

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