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GS-04 Water-based ink for PVC heat shrinkable films printing

Suitable application

1.Material: PVC heat shrinkable films ect.

2.Application: PVC heat shrinkable films and labeling of bottle ect. printing. 



GS-04 Water-based ink adopt Nano-organic pigments imported with special composite resin and additives to produce. It is free from heavy metals, non-toxic, odorless, non- flammable and which had achieved ROHS, REACH standard. It is also free from VOCs emissions making it free from any safety hazard. GS-04 Water-based ink is abrasion resistance and scratch resistance after drying, but also slippery surface with perfect ratio of heat shrinkage . It is specially designed for printing on PVC shrinkable films Gravure surface printing as well as the ideal alternative to solvent-based ink.


Suitable application

1.Material: PVC heat shrinkable films ect.

2.Application: PVC heat shrinkable films and labeling of bottle ect. printing. 

Product color

1.The original CYMK

2. Gold, Silver, Pink, Orange Red, Emerald, Bright Red and Many More;

3. Customized according to customer’s requirement or base on Pantone Color Chart.


Product advantages

Cost-Saving / Excellent Quality / Excellent Performance / Easy to Use / Good Printability / Healthy Working Environment / Printing Stability / Safe Environment / Strong Color Display / Safety Hazard / Environment Friendly



Plastic Barrel in 20kg per Barrel or 1metric Ton .

Product storage

Keep in Room Temperature,

Proper Storage, avoid direct sunlight

Make sure barrel are Sealed Properly

(Seal will prevent moisture evaporation to avoid hardening of Ink)

Avoid dust into ink.

Recommended Storage Period: 12 months


To have better printing result, the following fact need to be considered

1.Printer Specification (Use can current Printer)

2.Specification of Printing Plates

We will provide technical parameters according to the customer's actual situation.

3.Ink must be stirred well before using

4.Ink Pump and Ink Roller is recommended

5.Not mix up with ink of different Brand

6.Make Filtration of used ink is highly recommended



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